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Let's Talk

In honour of Bell Let's Talk Day, where the primary focus is around mental illness, I decided I would share my story for a few reasons. First, it embarrasses me that I deal with these challenges, and secondly, because maybe I can make an impact on someone's life.

Growing up, I was always told I was full of piss and vinegar because of my hyper nature; I can always remember my Grandma telling to me "settle down" in her sternest voice she could muster up. If she wasn't saying that, she would be telling me I was like a "worm on a hot tin shovel"... whatever that means. I grew up without any knowledge of what depression or anxiety was. I simply enjoyed my life. I played hockey, soccer, I rode my bike constantly, and was usually always hanging out with my friends.

As my life went on and as I got older, I could always recognize feelings of nervousness. Playing hockey for the most part of my life, I can remember feeling absolutely petrified to walk into our tea…

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